Friday, November 28, 2008

TWD: Twofer Pie

Thanksgiving Twofer Pie, chosen by Vibi of La casserole carree
for this weeks episode of Tuesdays with Dorie. I thought this pie sounded good in premise, but I do like my pumpkin pie and I do like my pecan pie and usually separately - not in the same pie. This turned out pretty good though...not as sweet as a pecan pie, but like a pumpkin pie with a surprise! I would not partially pre-bake my pie shell again though, as it was pretty much toast by the time the pie was done. All in all, people seemed to like this pumpkin/pecan pie combination.


vibi said...

Thank you Nancy, for participating with me this week!
I'm happy that your apprehension ended up not being founded!
Your pie looks amazing!

Engineer Baker said...

Pumpkin pie with a surprise - what a perfect way to describe it! Yours looks wonderful.

Kimberly Johnson said...

I enjoyed this combo even though I thought I wouldn't. I'm soooo glad I tried it! Your pie looks beautiful.

Flourchild said...

Sorry it wasn't your favorite. I didn't get to bake this one, we went to CA for TG.

Nancy said...

Thanks to all for the encouraging words! I sometimes think I must be the "lazy baker"! I like things easy and quick. But sometimes the extra effort is worth it! I wish I'd gone to CA - I would have gladly traded an IN-N-OUT burger for all the turkey and dressing!! Haha!