Saturday, November 1, 2008

My cookbook arrived!

I just browsed my new copy of the Tuesdays with Dorie cookbook and I'm so excited to get started! But maybe not just today yet...we (my dh and I) just returned last night from helping my son move into his first home all the way up in Illinois! He's going to start school in the spring and wanted to get all settled in before he got busy. We helped him out by giving him some furniture and other things that people just getting out on their own never think about having since there is always someone else around that already has it. Like tools and certain cooking utensils and lamps and hand soap and paper towels and all that stuff that is usually just there when you live with someone else! Brings back fond memories of the first place I had on my own I know he'll be fine and even though I'll worry about how he's doing, I know that I had hardly anything and I managed somehow.

Our son has an African Grey Parrot named Buddha that we "baby-sat" for him for about a year and a half and we grew very fond of Buddha. He is such a nut...talks like crazy and even though we were not what you would call "bird people", we did fall in love with Buddha! As I figure out how to post things on my blog, I'll add some videos of Buddha yakking's hilarious! So now this morning our home is just a little bit quieter without the happy blabbering of our fine feathered friend. Yes, we miss our Buddha...oh and you too, Randy!! Ha!

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n.o.e said...

Welcome to TWD from another Nancy. It sounds like our children might be similar ages - my oldest is in her first apartment that she's not sharing. I helped her move in two months ago.

Love your banner picture. And I've always wanted to cook with gooseberries, but I've never seen any in stores. My husband and I were talking about that just today, because I was cooking with tomatillos which are in the gooseberry family, apparently.

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